Some pictures of whats inside 100%NOW.


The exhibit saw a wide variety of people - art & design enthusiasts, academicians, students,  journalists,  curators, collectors, artists and potential collaborators from India and abroad!



Exhibit set-up at NH7!


Join us for the LAUNCH + EXHIBIT + ZINESHOP of our 5th issue: 100%NOW. Details on our facebook event page!


Our contributing artists for Issue no:5 > 100%NOW


Revealing theme for our 5th Issue! More soon.



Issue 5



What does time really mean? what is the significance of the past? of the future? and of NOW? Isn’t NOW the most important time? Is ‘NOW’ a fraction of a second? a moment? a decade? a century? an abstract state of mind? or an illusion? For this 5th Issue of 100%ZINE, we invited 12 graphic artists to pause and reflect upon their idea of ‘NOW’, and to create an image that best represents it.




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